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Luckily for me, novelist Chris Cleave is not the kind of person who takes himself seriously. Instead . . . . More Memoirs are usually written when one has lived past 50, when life experiences and memories have enough cumulative . . . .
The Impossible Dead is the second of the Inspector Malcolm Fox crime dramas. Fox and his colleagues from the Edinburgh police Internal . . . . More
When Charles Dickens comes to mind we tend to think or talk about his novels, which in their subject seldom . . . More The Last Empress - Madame Chiang Kai-shek and the Birth of Modern China by Hannah Pakula is not merely a biographical sketch of May-ling (Mei-ling) Soong (Madame Chiang), but a fascinating . . . More There is a new interest in a seemingly forgotten novel by the late William Lindsay Gresham. Aptly named Nightmare Alley . . . . More
Anne Boleyn had as her greatest asset her daughter Elizabeth I. Yet, she never witnessed the Virgin Queen's . . . More Sophia Tolstoy, wife of Russia's most widely read author, is the subject of a well-researched biography by Alexandra Popoff. Sophia has more often than not been portrayed . . . More Most of us know vaguely that Mesopotamia is an important place historically and culturally, but why is a bit of an enigmatic . . . . More
A major exhibition of works by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh will make its appearance at the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) this summer. Called Van Gogh: Up Close and . . . More It may not necessarily follow that if one enjoys Peking Opera that one will also enjoy Kabuki, for each not only   . . . More The mention of the island of Tahiti brings a dreamy look of something desirable but impossible to reach crosses just about anyone's face . . .More
. . .Without a doubt, there is little difference between a bawdy Shakespeare comedy, a French comedy, say by Molière, or the piece being reviewed here, a Japanese Kabuki comedy dated from the late 18th century. . . .More The Paper Garden is an extraordinary biography about an extraordinary woman. Poet Molly Peacock has used her writing skills and gift of observation . . . More John Donne's poetry arouses either adulation or scorn. There appears to be no middle ground that allows for the liking of some of his poems and the dislike for others. So, to be up front . . . More
Just who was Picasso? Does he really deserve the appellation "Genius" that generally pops up in conversations about him? This question . . . More If you like to be delighted by art and you are not a Luddite, then take yourself off to the Royal Ontario Museum . . . More Ai Weiwei: According to what?, now on at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), inspires and uplifts despite . . . . More
For those of us who have seen more than five decades of life, the paintings and sculptures on display at the. . . More If I had failed to persevere in reading the first story of Sleeping Funny I might well have missed . . . More BIG may not be seen as one of the Royal Ontario Museum's (ROM) largest exhibits, but it definitely lives . . . . MORE

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